Friday, August 5, 2011

Putting a high powered LED bulb into the Aprilia's stock lamp

I wanted to put a 12V LiPo (made from 3 mobile batteries in series) into the remaing battery case space for auxiliary power and lights.

It got me thinking about the stock light (the generator makes so much noise). So I bought a cheap 4W LED bulb from ebay (the kind that replace your halogen downlights). Then I hacked the back out of the standard aprilia fitting with some sidecutters to make room.

Then I pushed in the globe and soldered on some leads. The globe was held firm by puting some 1 inch lengths of 2mm rubber coated electrical cable around the perimeter of the bulb and pushing/wedging it in with a screwdriver's tip.
A quick test and the unit is good to reassemble. The unit barely gets warm at all - those LED's produce a lot of light and negligible heat.

Now to mount it on the bike. I'll make up a bigger battery pack and put a switch and fuse in line.

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