Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Energy Use - typical values at home

We've been thinking of ways to reduce our dryer usage at home - if you look at the biggest item down the bottom you'll see why:

Item Hourly Watts
6 Cree LED Downlights 18
6 Halogen Downlights 50
Electric Blanket 75
Desktop PC 250
LCD TV 300
PS3 350
Washing Machine 350
Radiant 2 Light Bathroom Heater 500
Fridge 750
Aircon (small) 750
Espresso Machine 750
Kettle 1000
Vacuum 1000
Clothes Iron 1000
Microwave 1000
Oil Filled Radiator 1500
Aircon (big) 1500
Clothes Dryer 4000

The above typical values are per hour. Kettles and microwaves look to be high but they don't get used much.

But when it comes to clothes dryers you don't have many options but to use them for a long time when it is wet outside. Searching online results in lots of suggestions to use your clothes line. Which isn't any help at all if it's raining.

it's impossible to find an 'efficient' clothes dryer as they are really a big electrical resistor to make lots of heat, with a small motor to roll the clothes around.

But I have some ideas for later.

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