Tuesday, October 4, 2011

54.2 kph. Fast!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Now there are two!

Brought another. Cant have done more than 10km.

Aprilia Enjoy Race. Upgraded to 1100watts.

Parts list per requests.

Lbd14 yiyun controller from tncscooters.com (choose this 24volt controller so low voltage cutout isnt a problem. Itll work fine at 33.6 volts). Check ebay for "LBD14"
Generic 3 wire throttle of your choice
30v digital voltmeter from ebay, works ok at 33.6v.
Two Turnigy 5.8amp-hour 8s 25 Lipo batteries from Hobbyking or ebay.
Turnigy 8s balance charger from Hobbyking.
Pack of ten pairs of 5.5mm bullet connectors from ebay.
Duct tape, hookup wire, soldering iron about 25 watts, tools.