Friday, September 9, 2011

Found a tiny 3phase alternator inside this windup torch

I was surprised to find a tiny 3phase alternator inside this wind up torch from the hiking shop. It would make a great experimental platform for wind turbine building.

I will hook it up to a wattmeter soon and see how much it generates back through the gear train at each stage.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bafang motor and ebay controller.

My homebrew Nokia ghetto battery is a great source for testing. I didn't know how I would go hooking up a 3 phase brushless controller. It turned out almost as easy as the brushed one on the aprilia. Main difference was only having one key wire. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Solar Dryer concept sketch

After seeing Miele's horrifically complex design (link in previous post) I thought I would put a sketch together. Time to build a proof of concept now I have the rough layout in mind.

The heat comes either as waste from our outdoor gas blower (Brivis Buffalo) or the solar reflector underneath the tumbler unit.
Motion comes from a sub-10watt motor mounted on one of the four jockey wheels (shown in yellow). It could be conventionally powered or solar - as it's power is tiny.
Airflow comes from either a solar fan or a solar chimney (cold air is drawn up and heated, so rises and pulls through).

Moisture could be condensed and captured.

I might need a heat exchanger if the waste gas smells of CNG.

I like the idea of a square tumbler to give churning to the clothes, and is removable as a washing basket.
Ergonomics need thinking thru, as do pinch points...

Hope it makes sense.