Sunday, November 27, 2011

It all fits

Trial is successful. Aprilia enjoy battery box will fit three 8s 5.8 amphour packs. Two long format and one in the 4 by 2 format. Can't wait to ride tomorrow...


  1. Hello! I'm from Russia and I have the same bike(Aprilia Enjoy). Unfortunately my battery is broken,and I'd like to buy the new one,but I don't know where to get it...
    And I saw this tweak,can you give more info about upgrading this battery??(the body in normal shape,but the battery is burned...)

    1. I have a battery for sale if you are interested - it is in the UK. I bought an Enjoy racing from a friend who said the battery was dead. I restored it and it is fine and has hardly been used as he said he only rode the bike a few times then left it in the garage. It is the controller that is dead on the bike so i need to replace that so will use another battery pack I have, so the original and charger are available for purchase. It does not include the grey lid which I will keep for the rebuild.

  2. hi there Sam, i have an enjoy bike too with problem that the battery does not hold the charge. i saw what you did with the 5900 li battery and think it is a great idea. i'm not too skilled and was wondering if i could pay you to build it for me, if possible. otherwise could you tell me where i could but all the parts for it to work. you mentioned a controller what is that? Your hel would be greatly appreciated. Thanks