Monday, October 3, 2011

Parts list per requests.

Lbd14 yiyun controller from (choose this 24volt controller so low voltage cutout isnt a problem. Itll work fine at 33.6 volts). Check ebay for "LBD14"
Generic 3 wire throttle of your choice
30v digital voltmeter from ebay, works ok at 33.6v.
Two Turnigy 5.8amp-hour 8s 25 Lipo batteries from Hobbyking or ebay.
Turnigy 8s balance charger from Hobbyking.
Pack of ten pairs of 5.5mm bullet connectors from ebay.
Duct tape, hookup wire, soldering iron about 25 watts, tools.


  1. Hey, I was curious about the bike, have you actually measured current usage? I know the controller is 30 amp max .. but the battery will sag to 3.5v under heavy load, thats 840 watts @ 30amp. But does the motor draw 30 amps max? under what scenario? have you put kind of current logging device onto it to see the profile of one trip?

  2. I use a turnigy wattmeter in line with the battery pack. For about $35 usd you can measure instantaneous current and voltage, peak volts,peak amp, peak watts but also total amphour and watthour. So the 1183 watt peak is real. There is very little sag in lipo packs at full power, a drop of maybe 1.5 volts down from 33.6 volts full. You can buy a pack of 5.5mm bullet connectors and solder them to the dc wattmeter so you can insert or remove as reqd.

  3. Here is how they work. Cheers.

  4. great stuff ..I have just got an aprilia enjoy (dead) and hope to do a similar conversion. are you happy with the turniy batteries and charger?