Sunday, September 4, 2011

Solar Dryer concept sketch

After seeing Miele's horrifically complex design (link in previous post) I thought I would put a sketch together. Time to build a proof of concept now I have the rough layout in mind.

The heat comes either as waste from our outdoor gas blower (Brivis Buffalo) or the solar reflector underneath the tumbler unit.
Motion comes from a sub-10watt motor mounted on one of the four jockey wheels (shown in yellow). It could be conventionally powered or solar - as it's power is tiny.
Airflow comes from either a solar fan or a solar chimney (cold air is drawn up and heated, so rises and pulls through).

Moisture could be condensed and captured.

I might need a heat exchanger if the waste gas smells of CNG.

I like the idea of a square tumbler to give churning to the clothes, and is removable as a washing basket.
Ergonomics need thinking thru, as do pinch points...

Hope it makes sense.

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